Slideboxx Server: Group-, Department-, and Company-wide PowerPoint database and knowledge management

An estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day [1, 2, 3].

How many slides has your organization created and how does anyone find them? Your company has spent significant resources in creating PowerPoint content. How can you be sure the time and knowledge invested in your slides is not lost? How can you ensure everyone is using the same, current slides? When Lori in marketing creates or updates a slide how does Andrew in sales find it and use it?

Slideboxx Server is a powerful yet easy-to-use server-based shared PowerPoint slide library. It integrates with SharePoint and network shares and will help everyone in your organization find the slides and information they need. This means they will use up-to-date content, save time and create more effective presentations by concentrating on how to communicate rather than re-building slides that already exist but that they can't find or don't know about.

Do you create PowerPoint slides that other people use? How do you ensure your colleagues are able to find the most relevant and current slides? Using Slideboxx server you can publish slides to a shared library where people can search and browse for the content they need. In addition Slideboxx Server provides reports on what slides people are using and concepts for which they are searching. This allows you to understand the effectiveness of your materials and gain insights into what people need.

One more thing: with Slideboxx there is no need to upload your slides anywhere, this addresses legal, IP, and security concerns; saves significant time; and is one less process to manage. In fact, Slideboxx Server can find files that may be missed in the process of uploading to cloud-based systems.

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Slideboxx Enterprise is probably one of the most useful tools I have ever used. It integrated seamlessly with our existing SharePoint library of presentations and enables anyone to search through 1000s of slides in 100s of decks in seconds to find exactly the slide they’re looking for, to ensure they are always using the best slides, and to quickly look up information about our solutions. Slideboxx not only easily saves 10s of hours a week – but it also has improved the overall quality of our presentations. It’s hard now to imagine how we operated before we had it.

Robert Shore Director of Product Marketing, Coriant GmbH


With Slideboxx Server everyone works from a common, current set of slides. You can ensure people use approved, curated slides. Slideboxx Server can also ensure consistent branding by applying specified templates to new presentations.


Slideboxx Server is a group-, department-, or company-wide PowerPoint library. Using a searchable shared PowerPoint slide database created by Slideboxx Server, you can be sure everyone is working with an up-to-date set of slides. Everyone will build on the work of others to create better presentations in less time.


Uniquely, Slideboxx Server is installed at your site, giving you high security and complete control over your PowerPoint assets and who can see and use them. Everything stays inside your firewall.

Slideboxx Server is a robust PowerPoint library and knowledge management system. The system is fast and scalable and finds slides across our many different network shares -- we have over 9 million slides in our Slideboxx library. Last but not least, Zinali has provided fantastic support and has been a great partner in our PowerPoint management strategy.

Mo Haq Global IT, Adelphi Group

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