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Slideboxx Server is probably one of the most useful tools I have ever used. It integrated seamlessly with our existing SharePoint library of presentations and enables anyone to search through 1000s of slides in 100s of decks in seconds to find exactly the slide they’re looking for, to ensure they are always using the best slides, and to quickly look up information about our solutions. Slideboxx not only easily saves 10s of hours a week – but it also has improved the overall quality of our presentations. It’s hard now to imagine how we operated before we had it."

Robert Shore Director of Product Marketing, Coriant GmbH

Slideboxx has been a fantastic product for me. I have used Slideboxx so many times to reuse many of my 55,000 slides. Without a tool like Slideboxx, it would take forever to find the specific slides I want, I couldn’t begin to count the amount of time and effort Slideboxx has saved me over the years. An incredible product with great customer support on the very few occasions I’ve needed it, I would recommend this product to anyone who has similar requirements!"

Pete Sharman Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Slideboxx Server is a robust PowerPoint library and knowledge management system. The system is fast and scalable and finds slides across our many different network shares -- we have over 9 million slides in our Slideboxx library. Last but not least, Zinali has provided fantastic support and has been a great partner in our PowerPoint management strategy."

Mo Haq Global IT, Adelphi Group

Slideboxx has been incredibly useful to me over the past couple of days. I received an urgent request for materials as part of a marketing campaign. With a few quick searches in Slideboxx, I was able to identify the needed materials rapidly. Slideboxx literally saved me hours and hours of tedious work.

Thanks and keep up the good work!"

David S. CTO, Biotech Startup

Over many years using power point as most of us do, I have built many presentations, lazily, cutting and pasting, backing up multiple copies. I knew I had many and multiple copies and replications of slides but, a deadline was met and then to the next project presentation. After a while you forget and when you do remember, you cannot find stuff. I desperately needed to get control and it was not easy. A colleague recommended Slideboxx and I started to use it. I had an astonishing quarter of a million slides. Sure it took time to catalogue them but - heaven.- I found out painlessly what I had and was able to start getting them under a degree of control. A great piece of software. After a major system crash, not caused by Slideboxx, I hasten to add, I experienced excellent and surprisingly personal service from Zinali. If power point slide management is your problem - give Slideboxx a go."

Ron Sydney, Australia

I recommend Slideboxx as a life-saver program. It really is simple and effective, and I couldn't work without it! Support, if you should need it, is superb."

Alison N. Marketing Communications Manager, Hanita Coatings, Israel

Slideboxx Server has greatly improved how we manage and work with PowerPoint files. Our staff can efficiently find relevant slides and data. Importantly, using Slideboxx our executives are able to access information instantly during client calls which makes a great impression and solidifies relationships with our customers."

Steve Waterhouse IT Manager, Adelphi Group

I have over 65,000 individual PowerPoint slides on my laptop and finding certain slides used to be quite a fishing expedition - with Slideboxx it's easy!!"

Professor J. Paul Robinson Chair, Purdue University Senate
SVM Professor of Cytomics & Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

... the tool makes a lot of sense, and could actually be a significant time saver."

Jan Schultink professional presentation designer
former McKinsey consultant

[Slideboxx] already paid for itself helping me put together slides for a presentation."

E.A. Pantera, Jr. DDS, MS Clinical Associate Professor in Endodontics and Assistant Dean for Continuing Dental Education

No more opening file after file in search of a particular slide that I am sure I have, just to end up recreating it. Slideboxx does this work so efficiently for me!"

D. Pellascini High School Teacher

If you spend a lot of time working with PowerPoint and creating presentations, this should be a must have to improve the efficiency. (from blog review)"

Lokendra Panwar Head - Application Management Services