Slideboxx has been a fantastic product for me. I have used Slideboxx so many times to reuse many of my 55,000 slides. Without a tool like Slideboxx, it would take forever to find the specific slides I want, I couldn’t begin to count the amount of time and effort Slideboxx has saved me over the years. An incredible product with great customer support on the very few occasions I’ve needed it, I would recommend this product to anyone who has similar requirements!"

Pete Sharman Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Slideboxx has changed everything. I installed it 30 minutes ago and it has already changed my life! Searching, and - more importantly - finding slides has never been this easy. Thank you Slideboxx!"



Slideboxx finds your PowerPoint files and manages your slide library automatically - you don't need to check-in slides or spend time organizing your slide collection. Slideboxx fits your workflow. Work with your slides your way!

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Share PowerPoint slides easily using Slideboxx. Whether slides are on your file server, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, the Slideboxx PowerPoint library gives you hassle-free access to the slides you need for the presentations you want. You decide what's shared and with whom.


Are your PowerPoint files on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or SharePoint Online? Slideboxx helps you find your slides in the cloud with nothing to install on your computer. Please get in touch to get early access or hear about it when Slideboxx Cloud is released.

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Unlock the valuable information in your slides using the Slideboxx PowerPoint slide database. With the Slideboxx PowerPoint search engine, you can quickly locate critical knowledge you or your organization have created.

Slideboxx Enterprise is probably one of the most useful tools I have ever used... It not only easily saves 10s of hours a week – but also has improved the overall quality of our presentations. It’s hard now to imagine how we operated before we had Slideboxx."

Robert Shore Director of Product Marketing, Coriant GmbH see Robert's full testimonial on the Slideboxx Server page