Find slides and build presentations fast!

Slideboxx PowerPoint slide library software automatically finds your PowerPoint presentations and builds a searchable index of your slides. This means you can use a powerful slide database without checking-in slides or spending a lot of time managing your slide collection. After you find your slides, Slideboxx builds new presentations from your existing assets.

Because Slideboxx scans your computer or network for PowerPoint files, you may discover slides you forgot you have.

Multiple editions of Slideboxx are available for Windows and Mac, targeted to individual (standard or prime), workgroup, and department- or company-wide use (enterprise). Slideboxx Enterprise even integrates with SharePoint!
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The PowerPoint Search Engine for Power Users

Slideboxx Prime is advanced PowerPoint library software installed on your own computer. It includes finding slides on networked drives and other advanced capabilities such as generating PDFs and specifying a common template for a new presentation.

Slideboxx Prime PowerPoint creates your personal slide database with which you can retrieve unlimited search results. Slideboxx Prime also features Virtual presentations to help you generate standardized presentations with always up-to-date content and multiple slide tagging to quickly tag slides with keywords that mean something to you for quick retrieval. In addition, Slideboxx Prime integrates with Dropbox to synchronize your tags and Virtual presentations among computers and with your collaborators. Read More »
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Share and find slides fast!

The Slideboxx Workgroup PowerPoint search engine lets you find the right slide fast. No matter who made the slide, zero in on the slide you need, then get on with creating your best presentation.
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Enterprise-class PowerPoint Search

The Slideboxx Enterprise PowerPoint search engine creates a searchable department- or company-wide PowerPoint slide library. Slideboxx Enterprise leverages industry-standard technologies such as SharePoint, Active Directory and IIS to provide a scalable PowerPoint search solution with customizable permissions. Read More »
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Your Personal PowerPoint Search Engine

Slideboxx Standard is a PowerPoint search engine you can simply install on your own computer so you don't have to upload your slides to anyone's server.

With the Slideboxx Standard PowerPoint slide library you can search all your PowerPoint files, find your slides and instantly build new presentations anywhere, without even opening PowerPoint!
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Slideboxx technology automatically creates a PowerPoint slide database.
Using this custom PowerPoint library you will find slides quickly and build new presentations easily with the intuitive PowerPoint search engine.
With Slideboxx you will create presentations much faster than opening files and copying and pasting each slide.
Try this easy Powerpoint asset management system to increase your productivity and never lose a slide again!